2 shows the tip of the body weak, we can show you how a few sizes too small

2 shows the tip of the body weak, we can show you how a few sizes too small



Some tips have a chance to show a couple of random sizes too small. If you want to hide minor imperfections in your hands if you have to destroy them.
Yes, with tips that will show you a few sizes smaller than we are here

Plenty of round cut and shows you the clumsy and overweight. So to provide you with plenty of dnege a narrow skirt T-shirt, a long tunic with a narrow flight and a flight in a jean mini skirt or a blouse choose whether longer see the capture ratio.

Choosing the right jacket

Extending to hip jackets and ample standing models on you shows you that you fatter. Every time a jacket sitting waist slim your waist will show.









haped skirts

Pencil skirts tend to exhibit more cumbersome best welcome everyone. After sitting in a shaped waist skirt abundant light is always better.

Jean dress with heels AnlArInIzI

Magazines, newspapers, why many celebrities wear high-heeled shoes jean those of you who may be wondering what the bottom. Because this is an extremely accurate. Such a combination of a narrow-cut jeans, especially when it is done every woman more slender, long and sleek will show.

Choosing the correct belt

Do not opt for a wider belt shows you a little more. Selecting a belt around your waist and snug have your benefits.

Choose a dress like that by yourself

Shaped waist, smooth seams and a collet on the chest dress will suit everyone.



Do not give up red

Seen as a symbol of strength and self-reliance red color besides being an ambitious masking feature the darker shades are preferred. That’s why restrict yourself to red with black alternative.


Tips to Show a few sizes too small for you

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