2015 2016 autumn winter trends and boots



2015 2016 autumn winter trends and boots

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Although the continued effects of last season in the 2015-2016 autumn winter boots and boot styles, colors and there are some differences in the models is expected to trend colors and models değil.sezo what, let’s look like this!

2015 2016 autumn winter boots and boot models

Wooden heels and boots

Wooden heels, which is popular in the last two to three years for women who want to look sporty and energetic trend, if not a bit stronger this coming winter! Vibrant color leather and wood that will be used under the suede heels, pretty style of classic and modern reflections will provide a view of offering a combination of reasons.

2015-2016 fall / winter shoe trends report here …

2015 -2016 autumn / winter season, it is time to examine the popular shoe trends. He found a lot of places in the feminine fashion model, exactly similar to men’s footwear models were popular in masculine shoes. Indispensable high heels stylish invitation, while we face the most subtle form of the heel can be used easily in daily life shorter and thicker ones in creating beautiful alternatives. Depending on the wrist and a few seasons in the bootie with lace-up shoes are continuing the popularity of women’s shoes fashion. 2015-2016 fall / winter season, fur details, we see that the shoes seized. Over the knee socks boots without compromising on style, while low-heeled high boots ideal for ladies who desire to be comfortable at all times.

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