2017 wedding trends,BIGGEST BRIDAL TRENDS FOR SPRING 2017

2017 wedding trends,BIGGEST BRIDAL TRENDS FOR SPRING 2017

The Lela Rose spring 2017 bridal presentation. Photo: Taylor Jewell/Lela Rose

Cue up the Pachelbel’s Canon and start stockpiling Kleenex because wedding season is upon us. While the fashion calendar is already time-jumping a season into the future, the bridal market timeline flashes forward an entire year to spring 2017. But that works out for brides-to-be on a planning jag — and those of us who love clicking through galleries of pretty wedding dresses — by divulging all the trends that will happen next year.

For spring 2017, there’s a bit of sartorial cognitive dissonance happening: Somehow designers devised a way for brides to wear all of the traditional wedding accoutrements (long sleeves, a train, the veil, etc.) and still bare as much skin as J. Lo at the 2000 Grammys. Unsurprisingly, Coachella vibes have infiltrated the wedding market as well, and maybe it was the New York Times finally catching onto the pants trend (which has been happening for a couple seasons now), but bridal trousers were few and far between this time around. So before anyone objects, may we present the 10 biggest bridal trends for next season. (And warning: You might want to shield grandma’s eyes.)

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