Bangs hair Model 2016

Bangs hair Model 2016

Hair cut from women squeezed right place! If you want to shorten your hair at the same time you want to change, you can try bangs and bangs models in 2016. Keep your hair or fringe bangs you need to know your face shape right before nap. Here are a few suggestions for you

If you have a narrow forehead, flattened it will show your forehead bangs and bangs models will be very short. His forehead bangs number one choice for those looking for a wide range of appropriate hairstyles for women! It will be compared to your face and make it look more beautiful.

women who face sharp line can use straight-cut bangs model. However, if you have a round face, you should not choose a flat bangs cut line dim. It extends towards the sides of your face will be a more accurate model of the mid-bangs preferences. Forelock also be an alternative option for you.

You should not use excessive curly hair permed or after cut bangs. You can have a more modern look when you use natural big waves or straight hair.

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