Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy `s 2015` s daughter Blue Ivy Beyonce, girl pictures beyonce, beyonce 2015 photos

Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy `s 2015` s daughter Blue Ivy Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles, two-year-old daughter Ivy Blouin and her husband Jay Z who spend time in the woods with a lakeside their photos taken, published on the website. In the pictures posted on Monday, 32-year-old beautiful star, with a baby on the trampoline as well as his wife while having fun in the pool, rapper Jay Z have chosen to follow them sitting down.

Together with her husband, Beyonce said that they attended marriage counseling online, with this photograph released Monday, happy family once again has been demonstrated. Leaving behind the news about her husband cheating and ‘On The Run’ tour Beyonce ongoing, natural woods and made a small holiday.

Couples, the American leg of the tour began on June 25, will give a concert in San Francisco on August 6 while completing the European leg of the tour also added two concerts.

Music of the world famous couple Beyonce and Jay-Z’s 2 year old daughter Blue Ivy, will be the envy of millions of people already have a life.

Little diva

Beyonce and Jay-Z, their daughter private lessons in different subjects is ignored. These courses are mainly about music. Blue Ivy the Future diva ‘is looked upon.

Sumptuous celebrations

Blue Ivy was born in the family home ever since and Jay-Z’s luxury invitation issued in nightclubs and parties are involved. The little girl has already sought the name of the party.

Private jet travel

Blue Ivy, throughout his life, as well as public transport aircraft of airlines to the riding. The little girl, the family’s private jet plane has no outside.

Luxury brands in closet

Blue Ivy, born since the most important wearing designer clothes. The American press of the little girl’s wardrobe is worth thousands of dollars already writes.

There chauffeur

Beyonce and Jay-Z, she was assigned to a vehicle driver. Blue Ivy, walking around in the car with protection and caregivers.

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