Paris street style 2016

Paris street style 2016


Rainy streets of Paris, like the sun shining street style …

2015-2016autumn / winter couture collection he presented the Haute Couture Week in Paris ended. In the weeks, I tried to convey my most impressed with the design of the brand and fashion reports Pimood recognize you.


Of course, that was not without a glance at the week’s street style. Now, with you, that flocked to the world of fashion and celebrities, I want to share the clothes worn by the chief guest of the fashion week.

Relatively cool and rainy weather occurred in Paris Couture Fashion Week street style, although the weather conditions were compromising their colorful and elegant posture. Of leather and lace much preferred by the street style, pleated and pencil skirts, pants also have seen sigaretta frequently. Asymmetric cut dresses and short tops and vests were among the famous names still prefer. The parts where the color blocks of the popular trends of the season in the sport and I can not help saying that kombinleriyle pleasant weather floor. Metallic effects and he stands out in the street style tassel detail. Cool in Paris last days, especially the kombinleriyle fashionista blazer and bomber jacket had been completed.

I invite you to examine gallery Paris Couture Fashion Week street styles we achieved important clues about the trend.

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