The 20 autumn fashion trends you need to know about

The 20 autumn fashion trends you need to know about

Where can you get a decent maxi coat? What is school-bully hair and should you be scared? And which decade are you supposed to be chanelling? Here is our guide to the clothes that will fill the shops this season – and what you will actually be wearing

Models for Gucci autumn/winter

1. Gucci on the high street

If you’ve seen any of the following in Zara or Topshop – shaggy faux-fur coats, pussybow blouses or floral dresses that look like 1970s upholstery – then you’ve already spotted the beginnings of the Guccification of the high street. This is all thanks to the brand’s new creative director, Alessandro Michele, who hastransformed Gucci from a purveyor of bling-tastic yacht chic to a haven for glamorous geeks, and has won the hearts of the fashion industry in the process. High-street homages are everywhere; spectacles and a bobble hat are the finishing touches.

2. The muse

Mike Baldwin, Deirdre Barlow and Ken Barlow


The fashion industry has decreed that Wes Anderson’s most stylish character,Margot Tenenbaum, is this season’s muse; her shabby fur coats and grubby eyeliner exactly what the industry wants to achieve right now. We don’t disagree, but we think the much-missed Deirdre Barlow is an even more apt inspiration: she did oversized glasses and prim blouses on a 1970s north-of-England budget while Anderson was still in short trousers.

3. The fantasy ride

Lara Stone in the H&M ad

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