The Summer 2016- 2017 Trends Fashion Girls Should Know

The Summer 2016- 2017 Trends Fashion Girls Should Know


The dust has settled on the S/S 16 runways, but we’re still feeling the effects of everything we saw and lusted after in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. As such, we culled the themes, silhouettes, and pieces we predict will make the most impact. The best part is, because we’re on the other side of the world, we can start wearing these trends now. From delicate knife pleats to exuberant ruffles, scroll down for 12 must-know trends for spring!

The 90s’s Chief Critic Sarah Mower recently wrote about why the ‘90s are making such a strong comeback on the runways. Her theory—or algorithm, rather—is that if you subtract 25 (the age of most rising designers) from today’s date (2015) the result is 1990. She explains that though these men and women were in their childhood years during this decade, their sense of nostalgia and longing to reminisce is why we’re seeing an uptick in ‘90s-inspired fashion. Whatever the reason, it was splashed across the runways via greased hair, low-slung pants, and everything in between.

Angular Necklines


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