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vionnet 2015 women dresses collection for you our galeries.

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Vionnet year of 2014 models are very stylish ladies dresses. 2014-2015 collection of eye-catching colors are used Vionnet dresses in shades of blue draws our attention. Also in light colors and short skirt Vionnet 2015 collection also comes to the fore.

Goga Ashkenazi Vionnet and her team have made ​​some corrections since February, replacing the heavy fabrics and challenging layers of the label’s recent show, with a Resort collection that was lighter in many ways. Dragonfly wings were the starting point. Their iridescence Suggested the multicolored jacquard used for a popover top and matching A-line skirt, and their intricate tracery patterns provided the handkerchief-both print found on a weightless dress. The embroidery of the same motifs Appeared on the dresser inside of a technical fabric, but it was somewhat ponderous, where the other was airy frock. The most striking interpretation of the c but on a long halter dress wing idea on which the pattern was into Magnified bold color-blocks of silver, nude, white, and black. Its graphic look is complemented other dresses featuring art deco stripes, a modern nod at Madeleine Vionnet’s legacy. Sneaker-sandal hybrids gave the collection an of-the-moment spin.

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