What is Justin Bieber ‘s life story, Justin Bieber | Biography , News, Footage , Photos, Videos

What is Justin Bieber 's life story, Justin Bieber | Biography , News, Footage , Photos, Videos
What is Justin Bieber ‘s life story, Justin Bieber | Biography , News, Footage , Photos, Videos

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What is Justin Bieber ‘s life story, Justin Bieber | Biography , News, Footage , Photos, Videos

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Justin Drew Bieber was born on March , 1st 1994 @ 12:56 am . His mother’s name is

Pattie Mallette . His father’s name is Jeremy Bieber . They are divorced .

Justin & his mother were very poor, but Justin did not think of himself as poor . He did not even know it as a kid . He was born in London , Ontario , Canada .

Justin Bieber Biography
Justin Bieber (born 03/01/1994 )
Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop singer , who rose to fame with the release of his debut single, ‘ One Time ‘ .
Justin Bieber : Childhood
Sensation Justin Bieber was raised by mother, Pattie Mallette , in Ontario , Canada . At the age of 12 , he entered one second update a local singing competition and c . Bieber went on to teach himself to play the guitar, drums and the trumpet .
With the help of feelings mother, Bieber started to post videos on YouTube of the owner covers of songs by artists such as feelings of Chris Brown , Usher, Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder . These videos were seen by the record company executive Scooter Braun , who flew Bieber to Atlanta to meet and perform in front of Usher . Eventually , he was signed to Island Records . Bieber moved to Atlanta with his mother, so that more work could Closely with Usher and Justin Braun .
Justin Bieber : Music Career
Entitled Justin Bieber ‘s debut album My World was released in November 2009 and was . Usher Appears as a guest vocalist on the album and also Appears in the video for ‘ One Time ‘ . The movement has taken place track number ten in Canada and also experienced global success. ‘ One Time ‘ was Followed by the release of singles such as ‘One Less Lonely Girl ‘, ‘ Love Me ‘ and ‘ Favourite Girl’ .
During a promotional tour, Justin Bieber was due to appea at a shopping mall in Long Island , but the visit had to be canceled when an unexpected crowd of over 3,000 turned up and threatened to breach safety restrictions . A number of Bieber ‘s fans Suffered minor injuries n the foray that ensued . The vice-president of Island Records, was arrested over the incident , as he was reported to be have disadvantaged the police ‘s crowd control give this . Similarly , was charged with reckless endangerment Scooter Braun and criminal nuisance in relation to the event .
At the Christmas in Washington event, Justin Bieber Performed for the U.S. President, Barack Obama and his wife , Michelle Obama . He sang ‘ Someday at Christmas ‘, by Stevie Wonder . A few weeks later , Justin Bieber was one of the guests on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin ‘Eve with Ryan Seacrest , along with The Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Lopez . Bieber was also chosen as a presenter at the 52nd Grammy Awards .
Bieber was also asked to perform on the re-recording of ‘ We Are the World ‘, which was sold to raise money for victims of the Haiti earthquake . Among the huge number of artists were on the recording of the Jonas Brothers Nick Jonas , Akon, T-Pain , Kanye West and Miley Cyrus .
Justin Bieber ‘s track ‘ Baby’ , released in early 2010, features the hip-hop artist Ludacris . In April of that year , Bieber was a guest on Saturday Night Live and was the subject of a comedy skit featuring himself and regular Saturday Night Live comedian Tina Fey .

He released a follow -up to ‘My World’ Entitled ‘ My World 2.0 ‘ in 2010 which top the charts in several countries Including the U.S. and Canada . He promoted the release with appearances on ‘ The View ‘, the 2010 ‘ Kids Choice Awards ‘ and ‘ The Late Show with David Letterman ‘ , among others. Later that year he was a musical guest on ‘ Saturday Night Live ‘ and he also went on his first headline tour ‘ the My World Tour ‘ . He is rather negative Achieved fame when it was revealed that one of Justin Bieber ‘s music videos, ‘Baby ‘, had to become the most viewed video on YouTube , as well as the most hated .

Bieber made ​​sense in the second foray into acting with a role in ‘ CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ‘ episode in a 2010 and 2011 . 2011 also saw him star in own biopic movie sensation ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never ‘ directed by Jon Chu. It topped the box office with a gross of $ 12.4 million on its opening and he subsequently released a remix album Entitled ‘Never Say Never – The Remixes ‘ . That year he released second studio album ‘ Under the Mistletoe ‘ which again hit number one in the U.S. and Canada .

He started feeling recording feed most highly lauded album , ‘ Believe ‘, at the end of 2011 and in 2012 be announced on ‘ The Ellen DeGeneres Show ‘ that was the first single ‘ Boyfriend ‘ . It was a feeling first number one hit in Canada and movement has taken place number two in the U.S. and UK on its release. ‘ Believe ‘ bec itself but a number one in several countries and included collaborations with Darkchild , Hit- Boy, Diplo and Max Martin . He Followed it up with his Believe Tour.
In 2013 , he released an acoustic version of ‘ Believe ‘ Entitled simply ‘ Believe Acoustic ‘, and later once again Appeared on ‘ Saturday Night Live ‘ . During feeling Believe Tour, he collapsed with apparent breathing problems at London’s O2 Arena when he was backstage and was rushed to hospital . Another issue arose when he arrived in London two hours late for a concert, leaving parents extremely angry and upset fans .

2013 also saw him in a remixed version of appea of Michael Jackson’s unreleased track ‘ Slave To The Rhythm ‘ , as well as collaborating with Lil Twist and Twist in Miley Cyrus ‘s song ‘ Twerk ‘ . In October, when he beg his ‘ Music Mondays ‘ project , releasing a single every week in the run up to the second movie feeling ‘ Believe 3D’ . ‘ Heartbreaker ‘ was the first track to be released in this series and all ten were to be announced feature in a collection called ‘ Journals ‘ .

Justin Bieber : Personal life

Justin Bieber is a Christian and has said that Previously he does not believe in abortion and has supported LGBT rights campaigns .

His mentor Usher Suggested follow a vegan diet after Bieber vomiting on stage in 2012 when he drank milk.
HE Selena Gomez dated from 2010 to 2012. Briefly re- united, but they broke up again in 2013 .

In 2013 , he was attacked by a man in a Toronto nightclub . Security stepped in by Bieber feeling lost temper and proceeded to launch an angry attack on the man as he was taken to the ground . This is not the only violent Bieber has been Involved with scandal , he was caught on camera shouting and Attempting to launch himself at a photographer outside hotel in London that same feeling a year. He had also allegedly spat at our neighbors to the feeling of not following an argument .

Other controversies include the star getting pulled over in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles in 2012, after speeding at more than 100 miles an hour in an apparent bid to lose the paparazzi tailing him. Repeatedly Caused He has feelings for reckless driving neighbors feel anger among men . In 2013 , a paparazzo named Chris Guerra was run over and killed after Attempting to snap Bieber Ferrari in feeling , however it was not Bieber driving it at that time . He also fans Caused some serious annoyance among men when he was photographed smoking a joint. He later apologized and even made ​​a joke out of it when he hosted

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